So there are a TON of planners out there, and they range from simple to extreme. A few months back I went and purchased a mini happy planner, a couple packs of stickers, but never really decorated it or anything. 

I got the planner right after finding out I was pregnant and had the first 4 months of prenatal appointments written out, so when I lost the baby I kind of didn’t want to look in my planner and stumble onto anything pregnancy related. 

Well It’s been a while, and although I will never forget my little angel Blip in in a good place and am not thrown by any markings in my planner, in fact they make me smile a little because it just shows how loved babe was so early on.

So I started with a happy planner mini, this one specifically

Since then I’ve actually acquired an additional full size planner, a music journal, a personal journal, a notebook for a self help type class I attend, and a notebook for church. All are the same disc bound system however I found an “off brand” at Wal-Mart called iQ360 and I was able to build the four full size and 1 additional mini disc bound systems for a fraction of the cost. Definitely a no brainer since I LOVE a good deal. 

Once I decided what I wanted to keep track of and how I wanted to go about doing it I began stocking up on washi, stickers, and pens. 

Aside from things I purchased from the Dollar Tree everything I have ever gotten for my journals and planners have all been accompanied by a coupon or a sale some times both! 😉

Well, here they are in all of their glory: 

Seems like a lot, right?

It’s really not. They each serve their own purpose, I promise!
From left to right:


iQ360 mini – gray pocket folders used as covers filled with lined paper used for Church notes. 

iQ360 full – purple cover planner filled with weekly planner pages and line paper used for all things going on with the Foreman Front. 

Happy Planner mini – Hello Life cover fits perfectly, and I mean perfectly, in my small messenger handbag. I use it for quick jotting downs of plans, tentative and solid, and later transfer any info into my full size planner as needed.


iQ360 full – teal cover notebook/journal filled with lined paper, separated into 2 sections for the 2 classes I attend. I got down quotes, notes, scripture references, homework questions, etc. 

iQ360 full – black and white pattern journal filled with lined paper. This is my daily recap journal. I keep this on my nightstand and each night after prayers I take some time to scribble down that day’s tidbits. 

iQ360 full – black cover music journal filled with lined paper. I use this for guitar notes. Ha. Puns. “Guitar notes” Anyways. I use this for storing chord progressions, scales, tabs, lyrics, etc. I like to pretend I can write songs 😉
And that’s it! 
In a future post I will break down how I turn this

Into this

And maybe show you guys why I got the nickname “Washi Woman” 

– SF


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